Web design has always represented a combination of my key strengths, but also the area I continue to learn the most. Starting out as a hobby, I now use these skills every day at work.


web design

I vaguely remember the first website I built. I’m not talking about a “hello world”, but something slightly more involved than that. Circa 2001, aged 14 and heavily influenced by gaming, the flavour of the year was a game called¬†Operation Flashpoint¬†and that became my focus. Without a care for bandwidth, critically during 56k times, my website featured large repeating backgrounds and numerous animated gifs.

That means I’ve been building websites for 12 years now, which sounds ridiculous to me. Even more ridiculous is how far things have come design wise, standards wise, usability wise. And there’s more to come.

I still enjoy a good old animated gif…

Currently Working On

  • Rapid WordPress design
  • Freelance corporate sites